• Forest Pack Pro 4

    פלאגין הפיזור הפופלארי ביותר בתעשייה אשר נותן פתרון כולל ליצירה של משטחים נרחבים עם עצים, דשא או צמחים.

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Forest Pack הוא הפלאגין פיזור הפופלארי ביותר בתעשייה אשר נותן פתרון כולל ליצירה של משטחים נרחבים עם עצים, דשא או צמחים. הפלאגין משתמש באלגוריתמים מתקדמים על מנת לייצר סצנות עם מספר אינסופי של אובייקטים ופוליגונים.

Demo Reel

iToo Software is proud to announce the release of Forest Pack 4.2 Lite and Pro version.

This release includes support for VRay 3 final, support for Corona Render and a new set of over 30 meadow grass and flower presets

Native Support

for Mental Ray, VRay, VRayRT, Maxwell Render, Octane, Arion, Thea Render and Corona Renderer.

Render is accelerated using native shaders for the engines listed above, both using proxies or mesh objects.

Forest Pack is fully multi-threaded and highly optimized for speed. A typical scene may include 100.000 trees of 1 million of polys each one, and render just in a few minutes.

Points-Cloud Display

The Points-Cloud display mode faithfully reproduces 3D objects in viewports as they will appear in the render. Amazingly fast and handy, this mode allows you to move and edit items in real time, while maintaining a vivid picture of your scenes, whatever complex they may be.

Parametric Areas

Forest supports multiple parametric areas. You can add splines, exclude regions occupied by objects in real-time and paint directly over the terrain. Also, as unique feature in the available scattering plugins, it is possible to modify dynamically the Painting areas, convert them to splines and back.

Diversity – Clusters

Create automatically clusters of plants, grouping vegetation of same type in a similar way that plants are found in the nature. Futhermore, you can use your own custom map to define what type of element must be planted in each area, using colors as reference.


Create realistic movies with the item animation features. Just use any animated object or proxy, Forest Pack will repeat and randomize it over the scene.Combining with the native shaders, you can create large areas of animated vegetation, crowds of people or any other thing that you imagine.

Real-time Camera Clipping

To minimize resource utilization, tree distribution can be restricted to the camera’s field of view. This enables the user to create a fly by of a forest of virtually millions of trees, without wasting scene resources on trees that are out outside the edge of the frame.

Custom Edit

Custom Edit mode enables you not only to create automatic distributions, but also add, place or edit items manually. Forest Pro also includes the Creation Tools, to scatter items evenly spaced along splines, using other objects or meshes as reference and much more.

Tint Variations

Forest Pack incorporates a random tint feature in their materials and shaders. It lets you apply automatically random dye and multiple textures at render time. On this way, a single object or proxy can be repeated thousand of times, making each repetition to seem unique to eye.

Scale and Rotation Maps

Rotation and Scaling can be controlled precisely using standard 3DS Max maps. You can now create complex variations over distributions painting directly on maps, or using any type of procedural texture.

Forest Pack Lite

להורדת גרסת הדגמה Forest Pack Lite חינם.

דרישות מערכת

3ds Max® or 3ds Max Design® versions 9 to 2015 (32 & 64 bits).

VRay® native shader requires VRay® 2.0 or greater.

לאחר התשלום

 המוצר יישלח כהורדה דיגיטלית. לאחר אישור התשלום יישלח אליכם במייל תוך 24 שעות עם רישיון התוכנה ולינקים להורדה והדרכה.

iToo Software is a Spanish company dedicated to the development and sales of 3D design software. They are creators of the Forest Pack and RailClone plugins for Autodesk® 3ds Max® and 3ds Max Design®. Customer’s satisfaction, product stability, and high quality support are the backbone of their activity.