Megascans inspires Unity’s Book of the Dead

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Unity Technologies and Quixel join forces once again to break new ground in interactive experiences. Today, the Unity demo team released Book of the Dead, a first-person interactive demo that showcases the power of Unity 2018’s new Scriptable Render Pipeline. Vivid and visceral, the demo makes extensive use of Megascans and pushes the envelope in lifelike design rendered in real-time.

Custom Collaboration
As with their previous project, Adam, Unity Demo Team Creative Director Veselin Efremov and his designers relied on Megascans to bring the gorgeous, fever-dream world of Book of the Dead to life. And in many ways, Megascans made the production of this visionary work possible.

In the words of Veselin :

“Quixel’s Megascans empowers even small teams like ours to achieve the levels of quality and realism that have traditionally been the exclusive privilege of large AAA productions.”

Quixel worked in close collaboration with Unity for many months to build a collection of exclusive custom assets – including custom-scanned plants and surfaces – for use by the studio during their production, and to be released for free to the Unity community.
Book of the Dead is an interactive demo that combines elements from both film and games. The footage is representative of the actual gameplay experience.
Veselin continues…

“We’ve been using Quixel’s assets in all high-end Unity demos so far, and the idea about making a forest – which eventually became Book of the Dead – occurred to me because I knew it was achievable with Megascans. I wouldn’t have tried to make this project 2 years ago,”

Veselin explaind.

“There is no way we could’ve produced so many assets with that amazing level of quality on our own.”

Book of the Dead is a landmark in interactive experiences, and we’re proud to be an integral part of this new wave of storytelling.
The ease and effectiveness of Megascans assets mean months shaved off production schedules, and the ability to deliver truly photorealistic environments.
So, what do you think of Megascans?

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